The FBC Staff plans and executes all of the organization’s programming and develops relationships with Coalition Members and other key constituents.

Niciah MuJahid

Coalition Director

“Wisdom is Knowledge applied with Mercy.”

Niciah Mujahid is an award-winning activist, scholar, writer, and educator, and a devoted wife and mother. A 4th generation Washingtonian, she graduated from The Howard University’s School of Divinity with a Master’s in Social Justice and Ethics, after earning a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and Africana Studies from the University of Notre Dame.

Before joining FBC, her career focus was at the intersection of Black healing and multi-level policy. In 2017, she founded an organizational space that works to normalize spiritual and holistic wellness for Black and indigenous people as the foundation for political sovereignty and liberation. She now works as the Campaign Manager at FBC, reallocating resources toward the underserved and historically oppressed in DC.

Niciah is a true dreamer-Pisces and works to incorporate intentional imagining, play, and ritual in her work toward dismantling systems and building new ones in their place. She is a mama of two girls and wife to an amazing and supportive movement lawyer. When not working, she’s likely facilitating healing spaces on the Soufside, studying religion, meditating, finger painting with a toddler or two, or sitting beside the Anacostia River.

Kelsea Johnson

Membership & Communications Coordinator

Kelsea is a native Washingtonian who loves traveling (especially to Spain, where she previously lived), cooking and shining a light on marginalized voices.

Prior to joining Fair Budget Coalition, Kelsea worked in political communications, helping progressive organizations and candidates connect with voters of diverse backgrounds.

Kelsea is a communicator at heart and a tireless advocate for justice who channels her experiences as a Black woman in all she does. It is her passion to give back to the city she calls home.

Frankie Seabron

Budget Advocacy Organizer

Frankie Seabron is the Budget Advocacy Organizer for the Fair Budget Coalition. She is an educator, digital content creator, activist and community organizer. As a 3rd generation Washingtonian and mother of two she has a heart for the community and believes in building a better world, free of imperialism, white supremacy and patriarchal violence. She’s spearheaded multiple campaigns, including: the “WMATA Vote No” campaign, a 10-day digital campaign that demanded the Metro Board of Directors vote “NO” on the expansion of police power public transportation services; the “Boycott Nellies” campaign which brought to light issues of gentrification, created a safe space for black LGBTQ folks in DC, and held establishments accountable for anti-black behaviors; and the“Vote Yes on 2” campaign which sought to reimagine what public safety looks like through the creation of a regulatory department in Minneapolis.

Prior to finding her way to community work she was a classroom teacher, and spent the last several years educating in DC Public Charter Schools. She has also worked in the nonprofit sector, specifically with high and at-risk DC youth and under/uninsured adults. Through her work she aspires to build a more equitable DC by creating avenues for access to resources for the most marginalized in our communities.

Sunny Kuti​

Constituent Advocacy Organizer

Sunny Kuti is a Nigerian but also a third generation Washingtonian born and raised in one of the most crime ruled areas of Southeast Washington, DC. As a child Sunny was always told that he had a bright future ahead of him, but at the age 17 Sunny fell short to the criminal legal system as so many of his friends and family did before him.

Being incarcerated sparked a fire in a young Sunny as he graduated valedictorian in 2013 and was accepted into the National Honor Society all before he turned 18. Sunny then moved on to become a GED teacher and eventually received his certification to become a bookkeeper.

Once released from prison he joined a re-entry organization and immediately began giving back to those who were coming home behind him or recently in his shoes. Prior to joining the Fair Budget Coalition he was the Youth Organizer with the National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens where he used his voice and knowledge to advocate against the barriers of re-entry. Now as the Constituent Advocacy Organizer for the Fair Budget Coalition, Sunny is determined to help underserved communities. Through pure perseverance, willingness to learn and leadership by way of example, Sunny will use advocacy to make a difference in this world.