Constituent Engagement
Uplifting policy suggestions directly from impacted community members

Fair Budget Coalition is committed to directly engaging impacted constituents in budget advocacy. 

Constituent Engagement Program

FBC holds bi-monthly Member meetings in which Coalition Members are able to share information, best practices and skill building on how they engage their constituents.

Constituent Engagement Goals

Ultimately, FBC intends for its annual Budget Report to be composed of recommendations directly from impacted community members by engaging and empowering constituents throughout the process. This will give greater value to the recommendations that FBC makes.

We hope that through involvement within the coalition, Members can have an impact on pushing the larger advocacy community as a whole to be more accountable to the communities we often claim we represent.

We seek to shift the power imbalance between white, paid advocates and low-income Black and other people of color whose voices are often excluded or tokenized within these spaces.

These goals will be realized when community members are represented in all stages of advocacy—from inception of policy asks to lobbying and testifying to community actions.

Our decision-making rubric seeks to institutionalize the relationship FBC wants to have with impacted community members. 

It also aims to serve as a commitment to deconstructing the racist policies that continue to prioritize wealth and whiteness at the expense of low-income communities of color.